Success Stories

Laura, 31

I started training with Danielle after I had my second child in 2012. I gave birth via emergency caesarean section so had to be very careful with my exercise. Danielle educated and designed a healthy eating plan for me which was very easy to follow and very flexible which was ideal when looking after a young family. We calorie counted together and started our exercise routine.

Danielle supported me and gave me regular achievable goals, this gave me the drive and determination to continue and push myself even further.

Since training with Danielle i I have developed a love for running, we are great friends and have taken part in several charity events together such as the Great Midlands Fun Run, The Commando Challenge and in August we're running the 10K Filthy Girl Mud Run with the famous Jessie Pavelka!!

Since starting with Danielle I have lost a total of 2.5 stone and feel healthier and fitter than ever! I have more energy now, will continue to eat healthily and will definitely keep running!

 Clare, 24

I got in contact with Danielle as I had my Royal Air Force Entry Fitness test coming up, which previously I had failed. I had no desire to lose weight, just to become stronger.

The sessions I had with Danielle were enjoyable, confidence building and transforming. She was always pushing me, but never beyond my limit. Danielle was always aware of the situation during our sessions, realizing when I was reaching maximum effort and when I wasn't putting enough effort in. She never made me feel uncomfortable and could work professionally in whatever environment we were in.

The reality that an injury could completely destroy everything we were working towards was clearly always in Danielle's mind as she was extremely mindful of any "aches and pains" that I had developed between sessions. She used many all-round body exercises to ensure that the effort you were putting in was not wasted.

Where most trainers feel the need to "beast" you, Danielle makes you put in maximum effort, but keeps you in control, she pushes your fitness but not over your limits.

Closer to the date of the fitness test, Danielle suggested that I change my diet, simply adding in more natural protein. I feel like it made a huge difference to my strength and ability.

Since training with Danielle I passed the fitness test and have been accepted into the RAF. I have also lost weight as a side note; I never weighed myself before starting with Danielle, but family and friends have noticed how much trimmer I have become, and several pairs of trousers are looser.

Best decision I have ever made was to start using Danielle as a Personal Trainer!

Without Danielle I would never have been accepted into the Royal Air Force, I am the fittest I have ever been and have enjoyed every minute of it. It is impossible not to get on with Danielle as she makes everything easy and working out fun.

Danielle has become more than a trainer, I now class her as a friend.

Sebahat, 27

I found I was in a rut with exercise and healthy living. I had just moved to a new country and I was drinking and eating too much. I decided I needed a more personal exercise regime as I was unable to stay in the gym longer than 10 minutes before I made a silly excuse. I was really lucky to have Danielle take me on as a client, she was a motivating force that kept me going not only in the gym, but in my day to day sessions. I had a personalised work out plan that I was able to do with ease; she explains all the routines so well. Danielle advised me on my diet and where I was going wrong. To be honest she became more of a life coach for me. In the months before my wedding both my husband and I were both seeing Danielle, it was really fun. I lost a stone with the plan Danielle set up for me but more importantly I gained a positive attitude to exercise and healthy living. Thank you Danielle!  


This lovely Client has struggled with weight loss for a number of years but just needed to find the right combination of exercise and food that suited her. Through commitment to her exercise and nutrition plan, the weight started to disappear.

She continues with her new healthy lifestyle and continues to lose weight to this day. Well done!


I had my baby in May 2015 and wasn’t shifting the baby weight as quickly as I would like. I was starting to feel quite down and knew I needed to do something to make myself happy again in my own skin.

Danielle is amazing – she immediately made me feel at ease with what I felt was a daunting task ahead of me and made me realise that I didn’t need to look like a super model, I just needed to do what is right for me. She pushed me to work harder as she knew I could but she also knew my limits. She helped me understand what food I should be eating and how to fit exercise into daily life with my son. I have had trainers before and always cheated, but I felt that if I cheated this time it wasn’t just letting me down it was letting Danielle down, and I didn’t want that!

 Whilst I don’t feel I reached a weight goal that I set, I think I achieved a goal that I didn’t anticipate… I felt happy!! Danielle gave me the courage to feel good in my skin and take each day as it came. She encouraged me to do more walks and exercise with my son so that I could be a Mum and still be working out.

I would like to just say a big thank you – not only did Danielle help me with the personal training side of things but she truly listens. I was going through quite a rough stage mentally as some new mums do and Danielle truly made me believe that it would be ok.

Also – she incorporated my son into the sessions when I couldn’t get a sitter. No other personal trainer would do that. Joshua loved watching Mummy get sweaty and ‘helped’ with planks and other fun exercises when you don’t need the additional 11kg weight helping!!