Online Training

Online Personal Training packages are a great way to get in shape in your own space and at your own convenience. Check out the below packages and see which suits you best....

  • The Independent

4 week course

This is the perfect package for you if you just need a little guidance when it comes to what exercises you need to be doing to achieve your health and fitness goals.

*Initial Skype consultation to find out about you and what you need from your programme
* Personalised programme lasting 4 weeks
*Guide on the best nutrition to support your exercise schedule
*Full support through Fitphase

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  • Team Effort

Monthly package

You will always achieve more with support!

This package is for you if you need a customised fitness programme but with that extra push.

* Initial Skype consultation to determine what will be the best exercise programme for you
* Personalised exercise programme that lasts the month
* Two Skype catch up sessions lasting up to 30 minutes to discuss how the programme is going and if you just need a motivational chat
*Nutrition plan to support your health and fitness goals

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  • All In

Monthly package

Support, support and more support!

This package is for you if you would like to add some extra fitness Skype sessions alongside your own personalised exercise programme.

*Initial Skype consultation to determine the best exercise plan and to find out what equipment you have available to you for the fitness Skype sessions
* Personalised exercise programme lasting one month
*Customised nutrition plan
*Two fitness Skype sessions lasting 45 minutes
*Two Skype catch up sessions lasting up to 30 minutes for that motivational push

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  • Feel Fab

4 week course

Got a special event coming up or want a kick start in getting back into shape? This is the package for you!

*Initial Skype consultation to determine what will go into your plan, what fitness equipment you have available and what your fitness aims are
*Personalised intense fitness programme that lasts for 4 weeks
*Nutrition plan to help you get into shape ready for that special occasion or to get back into 'those' jeans
*Four fitness Skype sessions lasting 30 minutes
*Full support through Fitphase and Whatsapp

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